fab-objects: A Simple Python DevOps-Tool!

fab-objects is a high-level Python library useful for performing common Unix system administration task, by providing a set of Python Classes for executing shell commands on a remote system via SSH. It presents a unified, familiar API that allows you to logically plan deployments and maintenance.

fab-objects is a light-weight wrapper around the Fabric library.


This documentation assumes you have some python knowledge, that you are running python3.6 or above and that your ssh key is located in ~/.ssh directory.

fab-objects in action:

>>> from os import environ
>>> from fabobjects import Ubuntu
>>> from myapp.conf import server_config

>>> # Create an ubuntu server instance
>>> ubuntu_server = Ubuntu(**server_config)

>>> # Update the server
>>> ubuntu_server.update()

>>> # Reboot the server
>>> ubuntu_server.rebootall()

>>> # Install your application
>>> ubuntu_server.install_package('postgresql-9.6')

We can run this same code with a different OS by calling the same method on the distro instance and all should just work fine. For example on a FreeBSD:

>>> from os import environ
>>> from fabobjects import FreeBSD
>>> from . import server_config

>>> # Create a freebsd server instance
>>> free_bsd_server = FreeBSD(**server_config)

>>> # Update the server
>>> free_bsd_server.update()

>>> # Reboot the server
>>> free_bsd_server.rebootall()

>>> # Install your application
>>> free_bsd_server.install_package('postgresql-9.6')

The API Documentation

If you are looking for information about the API details on a specific class, method or function, checkout our API documentation:

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